What taxes I need to pay on buying or selling property?

1) Transfer Fee:

This Fee is paid for transfer of the property rights and should be paid in the Land Department where the property is registered.

This Fee is 2% from the market price of the Land Office.

2) Specific Business Tax (SBT):

The tax is raised from all individual persons and legal entities/companies when selling the property with less than 5 years of the ownership. There are some cases in which transfer of the property rights won’t be assessed with a SBT, for example, if the property is sold to the government and the deal is caused by the forfeit; if the property is gifted to the government or exchanged with another state property, and of course if the property owned more than 5 years.

This tax is 3.3% from the Land Office price.

3) Stamp duty:

This Fee is collected in that case when the SBT isn’t collected during the transaction (ref. to article 2).

Stamp Duty rate is 0,5% from the price in Land Office.

4) Withholding Tax (WHT):

Withholding Tax for individual persons doesn’t exceed 0.35%, based on the estimated rate according to the appraisal value of the property; the period of holding the property is also taken into consideration.

For the legal entities, if the company selling the property WHT rate is 1%.