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The main issue on successful purchasing will depend in what project to buy a condo or house? In the real estate market of Pattaya about 40-50 different projects are under construction now, that’s why it is not that easy to make a right choice today. Before buying a property you should paying attention to the following factors:

  • Price
  • Infrastructure
  • Quality
  • Location
  • Reliability of the Developer

About 6-7 years ago all the developments could be visited within one day as at that time in Pattaya were not many new projects. But times change and for the property buyers it is difficult to understand all the benefits and week points of condominiums under construction. They have to spend a lot of time for the real estate market review. The best solution is to contact the real estate agency and order a service “Free property tour”.

Buying a property in Thailand/Pattaya with real estate agency is a 100% success.

Many people thinking that is much easier, profitable and safety to buy a property directly from the developer, than from real estate agency. Commission for services in Thailand always paid by seller (developer) and if the seller or developer will drop the price for the buyer on the amount of agency commission then nobody will work with them in the future.

Also, dealing with the agent is better than buying a property directly from Developer, because the experienced agent always can tell you more about real estate market in Thailand, which projects are more interested for investment at the moment, will tell you about all shortcomings and benefits of the developer’s and their projects, will provide the all necessary information and help you to make a right choice. Every real estate agency has the most important purpose is to bring the client till the moment of getting a key, because good reputation is the most valuable thing for the agency. Also, mostly the large real estate agencies will provide you with many additional services, such as: full transaction support, property management, rentals, legal services, visa services, etc.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! If you purchase a house or condo in Thailand, Pattaya on the pre-sale stage then you can get the cheapest price. During the construction period developer will increase the price and when the project will be handed over, the cost of the apartments can grow by 30-40%! Even in case of buying a property already in the process of construction, you still can get a good price and make some profit later on. The leading/successful real estate agencies always have an updated information, prices and special offers.