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The most frequently asked questions.

According to the Thai law, foreigner cannot own a land, but by the same law it is not forbidden to own the land by the Thai company, which you can open. This method of possession often called “registration on the Thai company”. Now we will explain to you how it’s working:

51% of authorized capital should belong to Thai shareholders. In this case foreigner can own only 49%, but Thai ground code doesn’t forbid to supervise it completely. It’s mean that you as a director of the Thai company, have an exclusive right to dispose of company assets. Also signed statements will be attached to a package of documents of the company from each Thai shareholder about refusal (transfer) of their share in the company. And it is not specified when and in the favor of whom they refused. The company opens in two weeks before house registration.

Costs: approximately 35 000 baht for open a company; and about 15 000 baht each year (expenses according to annual contents).